“I want to try yoga, but I’m too big to be twisting myself into all kinds of crazy poses”.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard this, I’d be one rich yogi!   Over the years I’ve been approached by countless women who are interested in learning more about yoga but are afraid that their size and/or lack of experience makes it impossible for them to reap the benefits of a regular yoga practice. 

While both size and inexperience can make some poses difficult, the majority of asanas (a fancy Sanskrit word for poses) are perfectly suited for women of every size, shape and ability*.  In fact, women who are looking to lose a few pounds can greatly benefit from adding yoga to a regular workout and wellness regime.   

Want to learn more?  Join me this Sunday at Joe’s Movement Emporium in Mt. Rainier MD for a special  “Yoga for Thick Chicks” Workshop.  During the 90 minute class, I’ll break down the science behind yoga for weight loss plus show you a few poses you can do at home to support your weight loss goals.  The “Yoga for Thick Chicks” Workshop is being sponsored by my good friend Nicey, of Nicey’s Boutique.  We want you to bring your crew and  hang our with us this Sunday May 22nd at 4:30pm. (You’ll even be able to do a bit of shopping after class!!)

You can reserve your spot by emailing your name to or by calling 301-277-7977.   Space is limited so register today.

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  1. Sorry I’ll miss it! Have a great class 🙂

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