I’m addicted to Mike and Ike’s

…and everyone who loves me knows it.  Anytime someone stops by the gas station or the 7-11 on their way to my house they pick up a box and because I would never want to be accused of being rude or ungrateful I eat every one of those delicious sugar filled pieces of heaven.  Normally my regular workout/yoga routine is enough to counter the effect of my addiction on my waistline but these days I’ve been too busy trying to work, raise a child and maintain some semblance of sanity to exercise.  As a result I’ve packed on 7 pounds, I’m tired and to be honest I feel like shit. (sorry mom).  While I would love to say that my sweet tooth is the only reason for my current state of dis-ease, it’s not.  My entire diet needs an overhaul, but before I do that I need to clean this temple up.  Luckily one of my favorite Cocoa Mode guests (and fellow Bison – HU!!!), Nwenna Kai is hosting a 7 Day detox next week and the timing couldn’t be better!  At 9:30am ET Thursday morning Nwenna will join me on Cocoa Mode to explain the benefits of her detox plan and to answer any questions you have about healthy living.  I invite you to listen then sign up for the detox and join “Team Cocoa” as we clean up our act together.  I’ll open up my Facebook page for you to document your progress as well as enjoy the support of like-minded sisters and brothers who are working to change their lives from the inside out.

For more information on Nwenna’s detox plan, visit her website.

I’ll see you on the radio!

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  1. Hello, I too am addicted to Mike and Ike. To prove my addiction I have Increased from a size 7/8, 11/12 to a 14/16 since August 2011. I need help. I have gotten out of my bed at 2 a.m and traveled some miles to Wal Mart to buy a couple of boxes of Mike and Ike.


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