Cocoa Mode Movies: Dear Daddy

Last week I invited author and film maker Janks Morton to the studio to discuss his latest project, Dear Daddy.  The documentary features the stories of several young women who grew up without their fathers and does a wonderful job documenting the anger, frustration and pure sadness that each of these young women face on a daily basis as a result.  Rarely does a film touch me the way this one has.  I hope that this trailer and my interview with Janks Morton (scroll down to find media player) will encourage us all to take a closer look at how important both parents are to the wellbeing of a child. Listen to this episode


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  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!

  2. this is what i don’t like about some dads …. i am a foster parent an i have raised over 20 kids and still stay in touch with them …. they have gone one and done good , i my self don’t have any but i have know trouble helping other kids that’s why me and my wife are foster parents today,have been a foster parent for 20 yrs and we are happy and cocoa this story saddens me ,hope her father reach out to her even if her and her mother don’t see eye to eye you know she needs to be love and he needs to step up the plate

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