Will & Jada – My two cents

I’ll admit I’m a day late on the Will & Jada scoop.  I live and work in DC and I was busy sweeping up the shatterd dishes from yesterday’s earthquake (!!!).  From what I can gather, someone reported that Will & Jada were seperating, all hell broke loose, women everywhere lost all faith in love and relationships. Later that day it was announced the story was false and peace on earth was restored.

The next wave of articles came from bloggers, reporters and cultural critics who questioned why anyone would care enough to get upset about the news of yet another celebrity couple separating.  After all, isn’t that what celebrities do? They get married, get divorced, get married again, get caught cheating, get a reality show and die.  Is there a reason why we should expect any different from “Ja-Dill-a” or “Wil-da” or….(nevermind).

Hell yes!!  These two represent an image of African-American marriage that we rarely see.  Even if things aren’t perfect (and they’ve both been very honest about that) they’ve managed to stay together for all these years and never once have I heard either one of them utter a negative word about marriage.  The Smiths are an example of a mixed family that works.  The Smiths are an example of a hard-working couple that still manages to find time for romance.   Mr. Smith is an example of a man who supports his woman when it’s time for her to break out and do her thing.  Mrs. Smith is an example of a woman who holds it DOWN when her man is off doing his thing.  How do we know?  Because they told us so, and in a world where Black men and women are inundated with images of husbands throwing drinks at wives, crazy baby mama drama and other negative examples of Black marriage and family, saying so is enough for me.

Now, let me be clear, if it happens that Will & Jada do break up, I will not, nor do I expect you to jump off the “happily ever after” bridge.  Instead, we must keep moving forward toward our destiny, use what we’ve learned from Will & Jada, Ossie & Ruby, Bill & Camille, Cliff & Claire to fortify our relationships so that one day we can become the real life-up close examples to our family and friends that many of us have never known.


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  1. Don’t forget Barack and Michelle 🙂

  2. Shawna Renee!! You’re doing it girl, so glad for U
    Keep on reaching for the sky!!!!!!!

  3. I guess it is generational. I wish Will and Jada no ill will. However, I am shocked to learn trhat people look to them as a model of marriage. I certainly don’t. It ard for me imagine that there are many people in our communty who have NO positive examples in (or near|)their lives. Surely there are teachers, people at church, the pediatrician, grandparents, and other people who are much closer to their lives. I know many black people.who have been married 30 plus years and have raised families. This notion is akin to the notion that Denzel Washington is the single attractive black man in America. Before Denzel, it was Billy Dee Williams. Not taking anything away from Denzel or Billy Dee, but I see mutiple balck men every week(sometimes every day) who are at least as attractive as either of them. I don’t get it.

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